Saturday, December 17, 2011

Holiday Lantern

Yesterday I was in the mood to do a bit of etching.  I pulled out one of the lanterns from my stash, opened the Silhouette store, and got busy!  I usually etch these lanterns with negative images so I decided to do it the other way.  It went fairly quickly and the results are fairly good.  I have a few marks that I shouldn't and one small area didn't turn out quite as well. But overall, considering the limited amount of etching I've been doing, its really fine. As with mirrors, etched lanterns are notoriously hard to photograph.  I did my best and I hope you like it!

And here are a few shots with the lights off.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. That's simply gorgeous! I love all of the glass etching projects you do.

  2. Oh I love this. I am a condle lover and this is just gorgeous! TFS

  3. The lanterns turned out beautiful. Love those designs from the SS store.

  4. I've been etching lately, too, Sabrina. But nothing like this. I love your lantern. It turned out gorgeous! (I'm also a candle lover Sheila!)


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