Friday, April 29, 2011

The Final Two

I finished the final two pages for my Mom's Mother's Day gift last night!  Oh what a great feeling.  These pages are based on my boys' first day of school this past August.  It's actually pretty funny considering we're almost at the end of the school year.  It's been great to remember what they looked like back then - very cute, but I'm biased.

I actually pulled out a paper pack that I bought over five years ago - DCVW Grade School.  It's a wonderful one for any school related theme and apparently very popular.  Every time I am in Joann's I see that they are still selling it!  I also used a few pages from a Grade School stack made by Me and My Big Ideas.  I am going to adore that one as well.

The banner was made using a combination of a few cartridges.  The smaller triangle comes from the banner feature on the Celebrations cartridge.  The scalloped triangle is from Tie The Knot.  I finished it off with letters from Cuttin' Up.  The rest of the title was cut using Make The Cut which I absolutely adore.  I also used it to cut out the big scallop circle and the circle layer on top of it.

The Learn die cut is from Graphically speaking and the apple and book die cut is from Hello Kitty Greetings.  Graphically Speaking is still one of my all time favorite cartridges.  I can almost always find something to use on a project from that one. 

The traffic cop is from Going Places and the School Zone die cut is from Locker Talk.  I recently purchased Wrap It Up and was thrilled to see a school house on it. It's my first time using this cartridges but I think I will be using it a lot in the future. 

Now all that is left is to put these pages into the book I purchased and to organize it.  My plan is to get it in the mail early next week so that my Mom can be sure to open it on her birthday, which just so happens to be Mother's Day this year.

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Monday, April 25, 2011

Countdown to Mother's Day

 I officially have two scrapbook pages left to finish.  I thought I was down to one and then I did a little math, and well, let's just say math was never my best subject.  So, even after the page I completed this evening, I have two more.  I can do it, I can do it, I can do it . . .

Here is the page I finished tonight.  Nothing special, more from our family golf adventure.  The big swirly circle is from Paper Lace, the title is from Make the Cut - the usual.

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Easter Pinwheels

 A few weeks a go I saw this project on Denise Hill's blog, Paper Pastime.  Denise created an SVG file for the pinwheels created by Heather Bailey.  I was instantly smitten and knew I wanted to make these.  I created eight of these babies to hand out during our annual neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt.  I think the Dads over sized boys have more fun hiding the eggs than our kids have finding them.  They actually hid over 200 this year and in the most incredible places. I'm not sure the kids found them all!

Anyway, here are pictures of the pinwheels.  It takes a bit of time to get the assembly down, but once I figured it out I was golden.  I love that you can add so many different papers and come up with totally different looks.  Please bear with me - I have a lot of pictures to share with you.  These pinwheels are difficult to photograph together and they each have so much detail I really want to share each and every one. 


After the hunt was over, I had the girls pose for a picture with their pinwheels.  They were all really excited to receive one and I hope they enjoy them. 

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

What are BFFs for?

My BFF Brandy loves to come to my house to escape.  She's got twins under a year old, a husband who travels a lot, and a full time law practice so she needs some down time.  When she visits she usually helps me on a craft project, but occasionally, she gets the itch to fix change without permission what she thinks is wrong with my current mode of operation down here.  This past Friday she came over and decided that it was time to organize my scrap drawer because I am being too wasteful (her words).  Did I mention she's honest to a fault and tells you exactly what she thinks at all times?

This is Brandy in the middle of my floor with the mess that she created is organizing.  Yes, those are my craft supplies in bins behind her, and yes, I know I have a lot of stuff.

The thing is, she was totally right.  Now that all of my scraps are organized by color I have actually ventured into that drawer, and in the last two days I have used more scraps than I have in the last two months.  Way to go Brandy!  I knew there was a reason I was keeping you around . . .

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Another Double Layout

I am quickly approaching my Mother's birthday and Mother's Day - which usually fall within a few days of each other, if not on the same day.  I only have two more pages to complete before I finish her book and I already have ideas of what I'm going to do for them.  I just hope they come together as easily as the rest of these have.

This double layout features my youngest son and it's a rather personal page - well, moreso than the others because it documents one of his recent triumphs.  I am so proud of this little guy and I couldn't wait to get his magnificent creation on paper so that we can look back and remind ourselves how far he has come.

Wesley created a Block City and was thrilled to share it with us.  I cut the title, the words "Boy Genius", and "Wesleyville" using Make the Cut software.  I find it's just easier to use MTC for titles because I can say exactly what  I want to say and I have a limitless supply of true type fonts I can use.  Words are a thousand times easier to manipulate in MTC and I can also generate shadows with just a click of a mouse and I like using shadows for titles.

The puzzle pieces are from the Cursive 101 cartridge.  Another blast for the past - I honestly can't remember when the last time was that I used it.  But I was happy to find these interlocking puzzle pieces.  They worked well for the background.  The atom symbol comes from Plantin Schoolbook and the city comes from Going Places, and the journaling tag comes from Tags, Bags and Boxes. Again, you see Spellbinders.  I always find a use for these on scrapbook pages.

This double layout features my youngest son and it's a rather personal page, well, more so than the others because it is showing one of his recent triumphs.  I am so proud of this little guy and I couldn't wait to get his magnificent creation on paper so that we can look back and remind ourselves how far he has come.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Quick Thank You Card

I whipped this one up tonight fairly quickly.  Again, it's based on a Sketch2Scrap card sketch. The artist is Cindy Royal who is one of my favorite crafters.  I had no idea she contributed to this collection of sketches but I was immediately drawn to this card, and once I discovered she had made perfect sense - I love her style adore just about everything she does.  Please stop by Cindy's blog - Royal Things, to see some incredible crafting.

I've been wanting to use my DCVW Citrus paper pack that I picked up, oh, probably a year ago.  The colors are cheerful and fun and really coordinate well.  The stamp is from Stampin' Up, and the mats were cut out from Spellbinders - my absolute favorite.  

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