Monday, April 30, 2012

A Day At The Park

And just like that I'm back with another digital layout.  I know, I know, I promise I am NOT abandoning my paper.  I've just been itching for something new and well, this fits the bill.  I have big plans for some paper projects coming soon, but until then, PhotoShop Elements and I are becoming fast friends.  

I wish I could take credit for this design, but no, it was a template that came with the digital kit I picked up from The Sweet Shoppe.  It's called Desert Canyon and I lurve it.  Probally because it's full of my favorite colors, purple, blues, oranges and browns.  Sigh.  Okay, here it is.  Again, I can't get enough of drop shadows.  I think I may be a junkie.

It prints as beautifully as it looks.  My wide format printer is getting a workout!  Again, I'm really happy that I'm finally learning my way around Photoshop Elements.  I feel like I'm flexing my creative wings in a new way and I've been needing that lately.  I hope you all enjoy this page as much as I do!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Very Beautiful!! I love the look of this! Great job, at first blush it doesn't look digital at all. Great work with the drop shadows too, they are one of those things I use on all my digital designs as it adds the finishing touch. Loving the colors as well.

    And your pictures are stunnning!

  2. Another fabulous design! The boys looked like they had a great time. I can see why you love the color combo too - simply stunning all together.

  3. Really...this does not even look digital! These layout are awesome:) GREAT kit! You layed everything out so nice and love the pics..fantastic job!!

    sherrie K


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