Thursday, June 20, 2013

Dayna Sabrina where the heck have you been?

Okay, super long time - no updates.  What have I been doing?  Truth be told, I have been taking a bit of a crafting and blogging hiatus.  Have you been outside?  Because we have.  Doing things like this:

These are a couple of photo collages I put together for this year's Project Life album.  My best friend has a zip line near her house and we made a trek over there a few weekends ago to try it out.  Looks like a blast doesn't it?  Trust me, it was!  

That said, I have really needed this time off to tend to some family things and work on some different supports for my two babies (who aren't such babies anymore!).  I hope my loyal followers will understand that sometimes you have to just step back and get some other things done.  My plan is to start posting regularly towards the end of August, beginning of September.  Until then, thanks so very much for stopping by and continuing to support me.  And get outside.  It's summertime!

One Final Note:  I am getting spammed big time so I turned on comment moderation.  Please be patient if any comment you posted doesn't show up for a while.  The spammers were driving me crazy!


  1. Hi Sabrina,

    So glad you're taking a blogging and crafting hiatus. I did too and now I'm only going to craft and post when the mood strikes me. I'm also getting involved in other activities. It's wonderful to see the photos of your family enjoying the beautiful outdoors!

    Happy Summertime!


    1. Thanks Jackie! I am still checking my blog emails and I see you've been doing some crafting lately. Glad you are finally able to get back to it. I'll be back sooner or later, but I really needed this time. I appreciate you stopping by!

  2. I just checked your blog yesterday and saw that you hadn't posted in a while. I am glad you updated us! Good for you for focusing on the truly important things in life! Have fun and enjoy your summer :)

  3. Enjoy the summer with your family my friend!! Your pictures are fabulous - the zip line looks so fun!! I haven't been posting as much either...just too much to do when the weather is so nice!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  4. Enjoy every moment...otherwise what will you scrap right?? Happy summer

  5. Hey girl! I knew you were up to something more exciting and more important than blogging ;). Glad to hear from you and I did miss you. Zip lining sounds fantastic! We were looking into doing something like that this summer but neither one of my kids were heavy enough for it :(. The pics are are really cool - kids really enjoying themselves. Have a wonderful summer my friend!


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