Sunday, November 10, 2013

A Bevy of Thank You Cards

I found myself in a Thank You Card drought a few weeks ago.  Normally Brandy raids my card drawer but leaves me at least one Thank You card.  Not this time.  So in an effort to anticipate her future greediness claim and still leave myself with a few I made a bunch of them.  Ten to be exact.  And I played with sequins which was fun.  Painstakingly slow, but still fun.


Thanks so much for stopping by today!


  1. sequins - very very fun and so are these great cards

  2. Omg! These are gorgeous! Love how you placed the rays above patterned paper. Can't believe you added sequins one by one!!! I found them in a ribbon style on a spool in a single flexible line at hobby lobby. Used them on the cheer signs I made in September. If you want to peek at the post. Hope it helps!! Love your work as always!

    La- Vie

  3. These are so nice..

  4. Way to go, using the same design and making them all look different. Very, very nice!


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