Monday, February 13, 2012

Kids Valentine's Day Crayon Molds

Why oh why didn't I start this project three weeks ago?  I certainly have been thinking of it for at least that long.  I have, for the last several years, been firmly against buying Valentines for my kids to hand out because I have all of this stuff it seems silly not to use it.  Well, of course it does unless you're the one who has to make them.  For a project like this I normally give myself several weeks, but no, there was I was yesterday glued to my oven for most of the day while I melted crayon after crayon, and then in my craft room cutting, cutting, and then assembling.  I even made my youngest write out his name on all of them this morning right before I took him (and his Valentines) to school!  Clearly I'm running behind.

So here they are.  The idea is a complete scraplift from Pinterest.  I wish I could link to the original poster but the pin lead to this flickr account.  Oh well, I tried!  I thought it looked so cute and it would be soooo easy.  Famous last words!   

So tonight I get to do it all over again!  Okay, maybe not exactly.  The crayons have ALL been melted.  I just need to make up the cards for my other son's Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite crayon mold.  Stay tuned for that one!

Paper:  K & Company Valentine's Day, Becky Higgins Project Life Cobalt cardstock
Silhouette:  P & C on all valentine's and shapes

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I love the Valentine cards! Great idea!

  2. Oh my gosh, these are so awesome, Sabrina!! I love the crayon molds!! The kids will LOVE these!! I can't believe how many you had to make...and more still!! You are a super-mom!! :)


  3. Where is the fun in being prepared and giving yourself lots of time? Where is your sense of adventure? Love the project

  4. Lol Kymberlee. Apparently I don't have one!

  5. Wow, Sabrina, these came out great! I know they've been time consuming, but at least the end product is something to be very proud of! The kids will love them.

  6. Those look awesome! Cute, cute, cute! The molds all look so perfect! I can't wait to see the Star Wars one tomorrow.

  7. I just found your blog via the Two Peas forum. I found your blogging tips super helpful, thanks for posting. Your crayons came out dynomite!

  8. These are fabulous!! You are so creative...the kids will love them:)
    Sherrie K


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