Tuesday, February 14, 2012

More Valentine's Day Goodness

Here they are!  Han Solo frozen in carbonite Valentines.  My oldest son handed these out to the boys in his class today.  I reminded him that girls like Star Wars too, after I was the one who introduced him to the series!  He didn't care though.  The girls got hearts and the boys got Han Solo, which I should be happy with because I had to melt these one at a time.  Please someone talk me off the ledge next year before I begin a twenty hour project forty-eight hours before they are due.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Super cute Valentine! I just ordered this mold for my nephew's Star Wars themed birthday party to make chocolates. Glad to see yours came out well.

  2. Oh those should be fun! I ended up using only the big one because the little one didn't have enough definition but for chocolates they will all be great!

  3. Sabrina, this just cracked me up! It's not every child that would ask for Han Solo frozen in carbonite Vaelntine's Day cards! You are a great Mom for making these and they turned out awesome! I'd ask for one if you had extras but since that is highly unlikely, I will just admire the pictures.

  4. Han Solo turned out so awesome, Sabrina!! I just can't get over how awesome the melted crayons look!! These have to be the most unique Valentine's ever!! You really are a super-mom to make all of these, plus the hearts and dinosaurs...I definitely would be out on a ledge ;)


  5. Wow, super cool project! I love the dinosaurs and hearts:) Very creative!
    Sherrie K

  6. Those turned out really good!!! I checked out the link you provided earlier on how to do the crayon molds and will tuck in that info for later use on a future project (I hope, since I really don't have the patience you do LOL!).


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