Saturday, June 2, 2012

Daddy's Girl . . . A Page for Sean

So Brandy was over last night and as always, cracking the whip.  I have a pile of unfinished scrapbook pages, several of them feature her children.  I wasn't really in the mood to scrapbook last night but Brandy was determined that we finish a few pages and so she pulled out all of my stuff an started looking for embellishments to add.  After about an hour or so I really started to *see* some of the things she was coming up with so we finished FOUR pages (a new record for me!) and I made a card!  Brandy does a good job of reminding of me of all of the embellishments and letters, and stickers, and other crap that I own but never use.  It definitely jogged my creativity and this morning I woke up with ideas, ideas, ideas!  Anyway, here is the first page Brandy and I completed.  This is a picture of her husband, Sean, with their (then) infant daughter Ravenna.  She's only going to be two soon, but oh well.  I have loved this photograph of them for ages, and I think I started this page at least six months ago . . .

All of the flowers were in my stash.  Ridiculous huh?  And that's just a small portion of what I own!  I really love the butterflies - Brandy insisted we use the white one as well, and I have to agree that ultimately she was right.  The title was cut using my Cameo.  It still cuts little images like buttah and I never get tired of that!  I love this page, and I'm happy we finally got it done.  Brandy happily took it home with her last night.

Paper:  K & Company Designer paper, DCWV cardstock
Silhouette:  mat and title
Spellbinders:  foliage and pciture corners
Cricut:  corner image (I can't for the life of me remember what cartidge this came from - sorry!)
All other embellishments:  My ever so impressive stash!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I love the store you got your embellishments from, cracked me up!
    The layout, as always, is beautiful and detailed. LOVE the way you combine elements.

  2. This page is so special. I see this one being in the family a very long time. Beautiful!!

  3. Sean loved the scrapbook page. I am so glad we were finally able to get some of these done! They look amazing and all from scraps and stuff in the back of drawers.

    Good to hear that the creative juices are flowing - that is what you need - some Brandy :)


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