Saturday, October 1, 2011

More Thank You Cards

I am starting to wonder how many of my blog posts have "Thank You Card" in the title?  Probably a lot.  I wish I had something more creative to call them, but Thank You card really does cover it.  This week I loved the card I came up with for the Waltzingmouse sketch so much that I decided to use it to make a bunch of thank you cards for my son's teachers and therapists.  Each one took quite a bit of time as I was sort of playing around with paper, colors, and especially embellishments.  I will warn you, I like to take a lot of pictures and also, well, I went a little crazy on embellishing a few of them.  Eh, not everything can be a masterpiece right?

Okay there is a lot going on here right? The basic form of the card is the same, three different papers stitched together, accented with flowers and a Thank You tag.  With that said, I used a lot of different things here, too many to name actually.  If you have a question about a specific card, please send me a note.  Some of these came out better than others, but I liked them all well enough to display them here, even if I did go crazy on the flowers on that last one.

Thanks for stopping by today!


  1. These cards are amazing!
    Such a neat design and interesting variations!
    Love them... lots of work went into these :)

  2. I for one don't mind you taking lots of pictures of your cards - it just makes me admire how much work you put into each one. Love all the details in each of the cards, especially the insides as sometimes I myself forget to embellish/decorate them. Thank you for the inspiration!


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