Sunday, March 4, 2012

Project Life - Weeks Nine and Ten

It may be that I end up posting two weeks at a time from here on out.  I was out of town for almost a week and although I didn't fall completely behind, it was really just easier to finish up the next week and present them together.  There are a lot of extra photos in these weeks as well.  I'm starting to wonder whether one album is going to be able to hold the entire year!  I guess I'll know in about 4-5 months from now!

Week Nine

Week Ten

This is a Design G insert that I used for all of the pictures my sisters took at the World of Coke.  My sons had a fabulous time with their aunts!

I also used a 6 x 12 insert to hold all of the *extras*.  I like these things to display well so I sewed dividers  to hold the items in place.  Also, I cut an opening in the bottom of it so that one day, when I want to look at this booklet/program I can take it out without disturbing the rest of the items.  Now I know some of you might wonder why I sewed the glasses away so no one can get to them.  My boys love Project Life and flip through this album quite often.  If I left the top open the glasses would undoubtedly make a mysterious disappearance and I would be seriously annoyed and someone would be in trouble.  So sewed away safe from little hands they will stay!

The remainder of Week 10

I have come to the conclusion that try as I might to add a bunch of little details or embellishments it really just isn't me.  I've seen a lot of Project Life designer pages, and I even like quite a few, but I keep getting drawn back to the fact that this is supposed to be our story, with our pictures and our journaling.  As long as I have those two things then that's all that really matters.  I'm good with that, even though it may appear to be a bit stripped down from what is fast becoming the norm.  I love using the Silhouette's print & cut and this week I experimented with adding pattern papers to shapes and then using the advanced features to pan the patterns in and out, and to increase the transparency so I could still journal effectively.  I love the Studio software and am enjoying using it to tell our story. To each his own!

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  1. I think how you are doing your book is fabulous, Sabrina!! The pictures and journaling should be the main focus anyway. Just the touch of adding ticket stubs and 3D glasses is so awesome and tells part of the story!! Another wonderful two weeks!! I'm jealous of your crafty trip...I need one of those :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  2. Your boys will prefer your journaling to fancy layouts and embellishments anyway. Know your audience! You have said you are making it for them and this is what they will appreciate. My kids are adults now and what they love about the albums I've made for them are the stories. They LOVE the stories! Keep up the great work, Sabrina! I would've given you extra door prize tickets for all that journaling had you come to my crops, back in the day! I love your Project Life book :)

  3. Carole, thanks for reinforcing what I've been feeling. This book is for my family and children and those are the things they are going to care about 15, 20, and even 30 years from now - what I wrote, not how creative and fancy my embellishments were.

  4. Love that you're scrapping for your family, Sabrina. You have awesome sisters and your boys looked like they enjoyed themselves. I love that family pic on the last page - too cute!


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