Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Project Life Weeks Twenty-Eight through Thirty-One

In my effort to get myself somewhat caught up after our long holiday this summer, I combined the next three weeks into one week. The first spread covers Weeks 28-30 and for Week 31 I went back to the regular one week per spread format.  I did include a few inserts in the first few weeks though, covering my son's trip to drama camp and as well as some of Becky's new Instagram photo sized plastics.  I love these and I'm sure I'm going to be using them a lot.  Warning - a ton of photos ahead!

I am linking up at The Mom Creative this week.  There are a lot of fantastic layouts featured there.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. wow, are those the new plastics? i love what you've done with them!

    love all the details you've added, like the report card and other stuff. i struggle with those elements myself and i usually just throw them in a regular 8.5x11 page protector but they don't look particularly polished or pretty. but you have some awesomely inspiring pages! <3

  2. You have been a busy girl - well done on getting caught up. Love the pic of Wesley in the dog crate, just the sort of thing my youngest would have done :)

  3. I love that you got yourself caught up quickly by combing weeks. Great tactic! Great pages.

  4. Great pages! I love that you included The Bro Code! We quote HIMYM (How I Met Your Mother) ALL THE TIME in our house.

  5. As always, fabulous, Sabrina!! You take the best pictures!! I love the one of your son in a dog cage!! Too cute!! I hope you have a wonderful evening my friend :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  6. Very nice pages. I am thinking I should give PL a try!!

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  8. Awesome pages! Love the August divider.
    I can't wait to get started in 2013.
    I am having a First Day of School Link Up on my blog and would love to have you!

  9. Great pictures, Sabrina! What a way to get caught up! Been playing with my digi scrapbook pages during my blogging break - still working on 2008 :(. I too adore that pic of Wesley in the dog cage - I took pictures of my children inside the cage of our new puppy last summer and had to giggle when I saw your picture LOL! First the dining table then the dog cage - where does Wesley NOT sleep?! Too cute!


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