Saturday, January 11, 2014

Make A Joyful Noise

My nephew is a father!  It's weird to type that.  Especially since it implies the word "Grand" in front of Aunt.  I'm too young I tell you!  That said, little Aubrii is a cutie and I created this page for my sister to hang in her house.  I promised my nephew one as well, just as soon as I come up with something a little less girly.

I used an old SEI stack for this page.  It's called Chocolat and I made one of my first great scrapbook pages with this stack.  One that sort of put me back into the head space of scrapbooking.  I had to go looking for it and what a trip down memory lane that was.  Here is a link to that blog post for anyone that is interested.   This was part of a book I put together for my Mom so the book is 2000 miles away.  I loved reminiscing about this day.

As I often do when I find paper I love, I bought a second stack to just "have" in case I ran out of the other one.  It's been several years since I pulled it out and I am glad I kept it.  I also recently reorganized my wood veneers into cases so I can't tell you who makes what anymore.  The new system is working for me though.  I have them all at my fingertips and I'm more likely to actually use them this way.  Trying to use what I have, use what I have, use what I have . . .

Thanks for stopping by today!


  1. This is wonderful and fun. What a wonderful display. My aunt calls herself the "Greatest"aunt now that her two nieces have children.

  2. OMG!!!! You are the layout whisperer!!!! You always find the best pics and display them beautifully!! Love, love, love your layouts.

    Hoping we can get together soon!


  3. Thanks so much both of you. I just finished the second one and will be posting it soon!

  4. This is such a darling layout and the title fits the pictures perfectly! That baby looks as if she is raising her voice to the heavens.

  5. I love this Dayna!! All the layers, pictures, bits and pieces just make this so special.

    And I guess it wouldn't surprise you to know that I have this stack tucked away too.


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