Sunday, August 14, 2011

Swing Free - Flower Shoppe and Elegant Edges

I'm BAAACCCKKK!!  I really have enjoyed working my scrapbooking mojo this week.  I completed another page, or rather pages, but I am trying something different.  My mother looks forward to receiving her scrapbooks so much that I thought I would surprise her and make one for her for Christmas.  Well, I am also finally working on my own book of memories so here is the plan I've come up with.  I'm going to make doubles.  One for her and one for me.  Yesterday I spent some time gathering pictures I want to use and getting them printed out in doubles at my favorite Wolf Camera.  Favorite is a loose term here because they tend to drive me up a wall with their inability to cut a 3x3 photo at exactly 3x3.  But I digress.  The point is, I finished my first page, and I am finding I really like scrapbooking this way.  It sort of opens up my options.  If I can't choose between two papers I can use one for the first and the other for the second.  The world is already a much bigger place and I LIKE it! So, without any further adieu, here they are:

You can see that the pictures and basic sketch for the pages is the same.  I did change the orientation of the title from top to bottom for the second one.  I also used different punches for the filmstrip of pictures on the right. 

All right, here are more pictures and close ups.  I am going to focus on one page at a time.


And here is the second version:

The mats were cute from Elegant Edges and the flowers are from Flower Shoppe of course!  the flower shoppe flowers are sitting on a flower border that I cut from Paper Lace.  I used the BoBunny Ad Lib pack for these pages and decided to actually use some of those stickers and embellishments that always come with these packs.  I never do that, always preferring to make my own.  Clearly I'm crazy because these embellishments are super cute!  I also pulled quite a few things from my stash (bigger flowers on page 2) and blinged swirls.  Hey, I have this stuff, it's time I use it.  The "Swing" on both pages are actually fabric letters mounted on chipboard.  They are made by Amy Tangerine and I picked them up from Archiver's a few days ago.  I am proud to put one of my purchases to use so soon.  Some of my stuff has been sitting around a lonnnnng time.  I know I'm not the only one out there like that - admit it - you probably hoard embellishments as well!  The "Free" was cut using MTC software and the font is Adore.  Again - much easier than fooling around with trying to weld on my Gypsy.  I had that one done in less than a minute.  I hope you guys like what you see - if so, please let me a comment.  I have another page (or pages) in mind that I am hoping to start work on this afternoon.
Paper:  BoBunny's Ad Lib
Cartridges:  Elegant Edges, Flower Shoppe
Letters:  Amy Tangerine's fabric letters, MTC die cut and others from my stash
Ribbon:  From my stash

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  1. Lovely. Love that you do double pages. to share

  2. More beautiful flowers! I really like the dimensional flowers with the felt ones! Cute kiddo too!

  3. Dayna, these pages are GREAT!!! I am going to have to look into getting 3x3 pics at Wolf Camera!!

    My daughter went to Europe this Summer and wants me to scrap 200 pics!! I definitely think there will have to be some 3x3's!!!!

  4. Yeah, well make sure they actually cut then 3x3! There were several over and under and I was very annoyed! They are going to hear about it the next time I'm there for sure. I use the one on Towne Lake Parkway - I don't know if there is one closer to you!

  5. Thanks Nadia & L.B. I am happy to be scrapbooking again!

  6. Oh my gosh, these are so FABULOUS!! They are the same, yet different! I would not be able to let either one go, they are so gorgeous and creative and simply stunning! Those pictures are so awesome and just make the layout shine! You are so talented and it shows in every project you share! LOVE these!! :)


  7. wow, these pages are fabby...I adore your attention to details....the photos are super cute...hope your week is awesome!

    enjoy *~*

  8. Oh, my goodness, this is a fabulous layout! There is so much to see! The detail is wonderful, and the pictures are perfect! Thank you for sharing your heart!

  9. Oooh, where do I begin!! This is just stunning:) I love, love this layout and design. You totally rocked this....I love your attention to the detail..the flowers are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your beautiful work:) WOW!!!!!
    Sherrie K


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