Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Mother's Day Lantern

I finished this lantern tonight.  It's a gift that a friend of mine is giving to her mother in law for Mother's Day.  Her mother in law is a gardener and loves dragonflies.   I stayed with the basic theme I went with the last time I made one of these, but I replaced butterflies with dragonflies, and changed a few of the flowers.

The cartridges I used are Everyday Pop-Up Cards (the flower box), Gypsy Wanderings, Home Decor, Lacey Labels, Pagoda, Paisley, Pooh & Friends and Plantin Schoolbook.  I was thrilled to find such wonderful images on a variety of cartridges, many I wouldn't have thought of even looking at. 

Thanks for stopping by!!


  1. This is such a beautiful project! I love the way it looks lit up. You picked really pretty cuts for this -- your friend will be thrilled... and so will her MIL!

  2. Beautiful. What a great idea.


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