Sunday, July 3, 2011

Damask Decor and Elegant Edges Lanterns

Hello everyone!  I can't tell you how thrilled I am to be home after three long weeks in Florida.  It was hot, fun, but oh my goodness homesick doesn't even begin to describe my last week there.  I missed my craft room terribly.  I am clearly addicted to being here because the withdraw was almost unmanageable!  But I'm back and I have been putting in tons of hours down here.  I have quite a few new things to show you, and first up are some new lanterns that I have etched.  I actually worked on the designs while I was away (Thank God for my Gypsy!) and sat down to get the actual work done today.  I love them!  

Inside Images - Damask Decor
Outside Images - Elegant Edges

Bird - Beyond Birthdays
Peace - Cindy Lou
Love - A Child's Year
Life - Graphically Speaking
Fly - Straight from the Nest
Dragonflies - Pagoda
Choose - Cindy Lou
Serendipity - Graphically Speaking
Flower - Easter2010

Inside Images - Paper Pups
Outside Images - Elegant Edges

My husband is happy that I finally made some items for us to keep.  They are already located in their new homes around our house.  Thanks for stopping by and leave me a comment or two if you like what you see!


  1. Very nice you done a wonderful job!

  2. These are simply stunning! Where do you find the lanterns?

  3. Julie - The lanterns are from Ikea. I've just been told though, that Lowe's sells something similar. I haven't checked yet, but I will do soon!


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