Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year - Friduss Family Mission Statement

Phil and I decided to start this new year with words. Months ago I posted a family mission statement developed by Angela Sunshine Doell and posted it on my blog here.  This style of subway art has become very popular and you have probably seen a number of these on Pinterest.  We borrowed heavily from what Angela came up with, but tailored it to our family and the things we want our boys to understand the most.  I spent a few hours putting this up on Saturday.  It's in our kitchen which is the hub of activity in our house, probably in your house as well.  Jakob has already told me which ones he doesn't agree with.  Little does he know, these are the words he will come to live by . . .

You will have excuse the many mistakes here (the perfectionist in me sees a re-cut and re-application in my future).  I've got a measuring mistake and a little wall paint to fix.  I will probably also add some flourishes later on down the line as well.  But its here in plain sight.  For everyone to see.  Everyday.  And that's what's important.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I LOVE your project! A great reminder to everyone each day.....sends a great message:) Thanks for sharing! Happy New Year!
    Sherrie K

  2. That is so cool! Never would have noticed that spacing boo-boo if you hadn't pointed that out, girl! LOL! I love this project the way it is, but knowing you I can't wait to see how you dress it up!


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