Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Project Life - Week Five

I have given up trying to photograph these pages without glare.  It's impossible!  That said, it was a decent week for my Project Life album.  Less journaling, more pictures, but I have been in that sort of mood.  And oh, I did something new.  We took a trip to a petting zoo on Saturday and there were so many good pictures.  It's not something I would normally scrapbook, or if I did it wouldn't get done for like six, eight months, so I decided to use one of my different style page protectors to add some additional photos to our album.   I took a Design F page from the Becky Higgins line and added a tone of photos.  I also gave everyone in the family who attended a journaling card so they could write something about the trip that they liked.  That turned into a debate about what was and wasn't appropriate to say, and what pen I should use, and etc, and we wasted a bunch of journaling cards.  My picture of the day for today is of us going back and forth on this.  I swear.  Anyway, it's done!  And I'm thrilled that everyone wrote SOMETHING.

Here are the pictures, and yes, I have blocked out one of the pictures for privacy reasons:

I am still using the P&C from my Cameo for most of my weekly title cards, and some of my journaling cards.  In fact, I'm not using a ton of the items from Becky's kits.  Oh well, at least I know I will have journaling cards if I need them in a pinch.  And let's be honest, this is a year long project so all of this could very well change!

The picture to the right is a actually a combination of 3 pictures that I edited and placed on one 4 x 6 canvas in PhotoShop Elements.  I am far from being a pro using it, but I am really liking the few things that I have been able to figure out so far.  Thanks in large degree to Ali Edwards and Cathy Z's videos.  Those ladies are very generous sharing their knowledge. 

Now here is something I different.  This is the Design F page that contains all of the photos from our petting zoo adventure this weekend.  I journaled on the main card and everyone else, got a card someone on the page.  I also added some scallop circles I cut out of paper from Becky Higgins Cobalt cardstock, and some embellishments from October Afternoon with my Tim Holtz tiny stapler.  I love that thing!  One of the things I really love about Project Life is that I would rarely use this type of thing otherwise.  I feel like I'm learning how to add the smallest of details.  And I'm doing it in a way that doesn't add a lot of dimension and doesn't take a lot of time.  Perfect for me!

More P & C from my Silhouette:

Recipe:  Becky Higgins PL Cobalt Kit & Cardstock
Silhouette:  Scallop circle borders
Embellishements:  October Afternoon & Tim Holtz tiny stapler
Design F and A page protectors

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  1. Cute pictures! I'm so jealous you are able to scrap your family's pics with added more recent in-the-moment journaling. That's just precious!

  2. I am really enjoying watching you progress with this, Sabrina!! You are doing such a fabulous job!! The pictures are all so awesome and I love the handwritten journaling!! I'm looking forward to next week's installment :)



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