Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Recent Design

I recently finished a project for my niece who is a freshman at Jacksonville University.  After a great fall semester  my sister and her husband rewarded her hard work with a new MacBook.  I told her I would get a case for her and I would decorate it if she wanted.  I asked for a bit of direction and I got this - "can u put music notes and like a flim roll on it ... and can u write "IC3GRL" (can that be the biggest and boldest word) and "exsisto solvo" ... a peace sign, clover ... some random designs ... if this is in color it can be any color other than pink . . . if u can't do all of the things that's ok ... these are just some of my ideas ..."  So - with that little bit of inspiration this is what I came up with.


You will have to excuse the bit of the mess you see - my niece is a typical dorm room dweller. 

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