Monday, March 28, 2011

A Wedding Gift

Brandy and I picked these vases up at IKEA.  I thought it would be fun to etch a design on them and Brandy has a wedding to go to in a few weeks.  Perfect - it's going to be a wedding gift!  Guess what though?  They aren't glass!  Or at least not 100% glass.  Although they look, feel, and sound like glass. Grrrrr.  I guess I should have thrown one on the floor to see if it shattered first!  I of course didn't discover this until I was rinsing off the etching creme.  There was a faint outline where the design should have been.  Vexed!!  But I am one to never let a good design go to waste so I decided to just use black vinyl.  I think it still turned out pretty well. 

I added some paper so that the design would stand out more.  It's also difficult to photograph because the designs wrap around the vases.

This is the couple's last name.

As always - thanks for stopping by!


  1. I LOVE these ... that black vinyl is very striking and I really like how it wraps around ... good job!!

    Jo xx

  2. Hey, we have a wedding coming up on May 14th for Kay and Bob... Let's talk!

  3. Karen I know - I am already thinking of ideas!

  4. What a wonderful wedding gift idea!
    Who doesn't love or need candles?
    Also thinking you could come up with alternate messages that could turn these into a great graduation gift to go in a new college students apartment or dorm room.

    You are so talented! What an eye for creatively seeing the world.

  5. Thank you Lauree. I worry about a college student and candles though. Lol. I guess I shouldn't - my niece is doing okay with the lighted glass block I made her last fall.


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