Friday, March 4, 2011

A Simple Thank You Card

My best friend Brandy doesn't have much time to hang out these days.  She's a Mom to two of the cutest babies in the world and she works full time, so there isn't much time for her to do her own thing.   She loves to craft, but doesn't get to do it often.  Normally, her crafting consists of her coming over to my craft room and helping me on some big project that I'm working on.  Recently, she came over with a demand for cards because she had run out.  I used a thank you card that I had made last year as the template and we created several more for her personal use.

Here is the original.  

I know what you're thinking - the "Thanks" gets lost in the background.  I wasn't totally in love with this card, which is probably why it's been sitting in my card drawer for over a year now (I tend to give away most of the cards I make to my older sister and Brandy because they love sending them out).  

But I still liked the design enough to make it again.  So, with a few paper changes, we made several updated versions.

A simple change in colors turned a just okay card into a very nice one.  I think the bling helped as well.  Thanks for visiting!


  1. These are the best Thank You's in the world - and thanks for a great day of crafting!!

  2. You are very welcome! You know you can come over anytime!


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