Monday, June 6, 2011

Craft Room Wall Art Part Deux

I am finally getting around to putting some more art up on my craft room walls. Every so often I go a lookin' for inspirational words and I came across this Picasso quote some time ago. 

It's very simple - I cut it out using Make The Cut. The font is a TTF called French Script MT.  I'm not sure if it came installed on my computer or I picked it up at one of the free font sites.  The Flourish is from the Flourishes I pack from My Vinyl Designer.

The quote in the frame is something that I made months ago.  It's something a good friend of mine said that I thought was hilarious.  Sometimes you have to laugh to keep from crying.  Anyhoo, I thought it was great enough to put in a frame and I actually made another one and sent it to her.  I used Make The Cut on this one as well and I believe the font is Digs My Heart.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Love your wall quote. I really need to do that project! Not sure what I am waiting for - I have put vinyl on everything else.

    Your projects always look perfect.

  2. Thanks Nadia. You should go ahead and do it!

  3. Love both quotes!! You did a wonderful job. It seems as though I can make stuff for everyone else but never take the time to make anything for me. My walls are BARE! lol

  4. Nicole, you just have to make time. Take one of those days dedicated to crafting and make it about you and only you! Plus, these wall sayings don't take any time at all.


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