Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Favorite Glass Blocks - More Banks for Boys

Here is another blast from the past.  I had the opportunity the make these banks for two very special boys as Christmas gifts this past year.  The first is for Ty who is all into skateboarding.  The Cricut Dude cartridge turned out to be my best best for this one. 

I photographed it with a flash and without so you could actually see the colors of the skaters.  Layering that vinyl was very, very tricky.  I have my sister Joyce to thank because she helped me a great deal with it.   The "TY" letters were cut from Mini Monograms.  It's one of my favorite cartridges for fonts. 

The back side of this is another skater from the Dude cartridge.  Something else you might notice is that I actually etched a negative shadow of the skater onto the glass before applying the vinyl.  Again, very, very tricky and my wonderful sister was there to help.  One more quick note - the dollar signs are from the Plantin Schoolbook cartridge.

The second bank I created was for another little boy who loves trains.  I really like the effect of using glass etching and vinyl so I decided to etch a track onto the bank and then add a vinyl conductor on top.

The track is from the WordBuilders 1 cartridge, and the little boy is from Everyday Paper Dolls. The track track comes from Boys will be Boys, and the $$ signs are again from Plantin Schoolbook.

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