Friday, January 18, 2013

A Note to my Readers about Comments

I wanted to let you guys know that I am going to have to turn word verification back on for comments.  I have, unfortunately, become the target of some crazy ass porn site on one of my posts in particular.  I have been deleting the comments as quickly as I can for over a month now, and it seems it is only getting worse and the comments are becoming more vile.  I swear it's making my whole blog feel dirty!

I am sorry that I have to resort to this.  I know what a pain in the ass it can be to enter those verification words.  I am not a fan when I have to do it, but, it's getting to be that I can't keep up.  One every few days is now turned into 2-3 per day and I just want it to stop!  My hope is that in a few weeks this will solve the problem.   So until then, please be patient with me.

ETA!  Well a little birdy explained how I can just turn off the comments to one particular post.  So that's what I've done and I am hoping this fixes the problem for good!


  1. Gah, how horrible!! I've been getting more and more spam, but thankfully not from any porn sites. I hope word verification takes care of it. Happy Friday :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  2. YUCK and no worries. I still leave comments when the works is so fun to enjoy!

  3. I personally don't understand why people want to spam anyone! But they obviously do. I have had this problem at times with older posts, and I turned comments off to that particular post. Also, another thought is to moderate comments so that they get emailed to you, and you choose to publish them or mark them as spam.

    1. Tammy, you can do that just for one particular post? Can you tell me how please! That would solve my problem completely.

    2. Go to the post and click on edit. Go to the right side where the post settings are. Click on options, and you'll find a box to click that will allow or prevent comments for that post. You can even choose to show or hide the existing comments. Hope that helps.

    3. Thanks so much Tammy! Good to know for the future. I am now spam free!


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